Who We are

LoPirque is an equestrian center dedicated to promoting the attributes of the Chilean horse, as well as the traditions, food, and folklore of our country. Located in a rural setting in the Maipo Valley, the center is close to a number of renowned vineyards.

LoPirque is just 30-40 minutes away from Santiago, near the town of Pirque. Surrounded by hills and rivers, the area has been able to maintain its rural flavor thanks to its singular landscape, horses and wines.

LoPirque is home to an indoor horse-exercise ring (“picadero”), and a riding school where horse shows take place. One of the highlights of the shows is the presentation of the “cueca”, the Chilean national dance, interpreted by dancers on horseback. Classes and coaching are also offered using a novel approach assisted by horses.

LoPirque also offers a spacious reception room for indoor events and plenty of open spaces for guests to host barbecues and special celebrations, while enjoying the Chilean countryside.  Also, there is an arts and crafts souvenir shop and garden areas for guests to celebrate private events.

LoPirque is the ideal place for residents and tourists to:

  • HOST COMPANY EVENTS such as seminars, conferences and celebrations.

  • TURISM Immerse themselves in our culture, traditions, folklore, local food, music and dances. The horse serves as a window into the “huaso” world and allows visitors to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that offers fun and adventure.

  • HOST PRIVATE EVENTS such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations with the special Lo Pirque touch.